16GB Sandisk SD Card

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16GB Sandisk SD Card


Featuring exceptional data speeds and unparalleled reliability, SanDisk SD cards help you capture high-resolution photos and HD videos with their industry-leading flash memory technology. SanDisk memory cards come in a range of capacities, offering ample space for storing photos, video, and other data on cameras, camcorders, and other SD-enabled devices.

SanDisk’s selection of cards has options for hobbyist and professional photographers alike. If you’re a DSLR aficionado, SanDisk’s Extreme and Extreme Pro cards deliver the professional-grade speed and performance you need. Have a point and shoot camera? No problem! Whether you snap away at parties and reunions or capture classic shots every day SanDisk has an extensive selection of standard and Ultra cards to offer you enough speed and capacity for all of life’s unmissable moments.

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